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  • 1. Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
    2. Username: surname.firstname (small letters, no spaces)
    3. Password: Religio#1 or Manalog#1

    This will be our online classroom where you will find class notes, online quizzes, vocabulary, reflection activities, etc.
  • Welcome

    This site is being used by the cool students of Sir Ros.

    Bawal pumasok ang hindi niya estudyante sapagkat siguradong hindi kayo cute!!!

Available Courses

  • The course RELIGIO, covers the fundamentals of four theology courses offered in the college namely; BIBSTUD, DYNAREL, RECONSE and CATHWOR. It begins with the appreciation and recognition of God’s revelation and human faith response in the context of the written Word of God, the Bible; then followed by the Mission of Christ imparted to the community of disciples. The second half discusses the determination of the morality of human action; both in the context of personal and social dimensions of Christian faith.
  • This is a course on Aristotelian and Symbolic Logic that deals with the use of reason in the pursuit of truth. It provides opportunities for responsible, critical and reflective thinking that facilitates good judgment, analysis of problems, charting of plans and taking part in any means that promote the well being of various areas of concerns in society especially in the student's particular field of specialization. This course is an indispensable tool for better decision-making.

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